View from Philly: Eagles & expectations

Rich Schultz /Getty Images

Eagle cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha headlines the Philadelphia secondary.FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- Eagles coach Andy Reid and cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha conducted conference calls with the New England media Wednesday in advance of this week's visit from the Patriots. A handful of highlights:

1. 'Dream Team' label a bit of a nightmare: Having stumbled to a 4-6 record, Asomugha admitted the bar might have unfairly been set too high for the Eagles after backup quarteback Vince Young coined the 'Dream Team' label. "I didn’t think anything of it when I first heard it. I just thought it was Vince talking about how he felt and how he was excited and how it was like a dream come true, something like that," said Asomugha. "You learn very quickly how things can get spun. I think we all got a lesson in that after that statement he made. Then it turned into us just being cocky and us being over confident and saying way too much, etcetera, etcetera -- which we were never doing."

2. Can't wake up from this 'Dream': Asked if all that hype had become annoying, Asomugha added: "People are always trying to bring it up or always trying to say something that has the word ‘dream’ in it or something like that. You always have to watch what you’re saying because even if you say, ‘It’s been our dream to be in this situation,’ then someone’s going to run with that. That’s been the annoying thing. You just want to be able to speak freely, but as Vince was trying to do, but you see how that can be taken the wrong way and put on the shoulders of everybody."

3. Reid ignores the noise: Reid kept his answers short during the call and didn't seem very interested in questions about the hype and expectations. Asked about the hype, Reid said: "You know what? I don’t get into all that. I think as coaches, you’re problems solvers. You get in and you try to figure it out and make sure you put the guys in the right position and coach your guys up. That’s kind of what you do. There’s no time to look back or look forward -- you get so entrenched in the moment and making sure you get that right." Asked to evaluate Philadelphia's 4-6 start, he added: "Like I said, I don’t look at that. The season’s not over, obviously, so you have to keep playing and right now all my energy is going into the New England Patriots."

4. Berman the matchmaker: Reid was asked about the origins of his friendship with Patriots coach Bill Belichick. "We knew each other as assistant coaches and then really, when he became the head coach at New England, I came here as the head coach and we developed a close relationship," said Reid. "[ESPN's] Chris Berman will take all the credit for that." And why would Berman take credit? "He talks to both of us, so it feels like setting up your best friend on a double date." Later, Reid expanded on his relationship with Belichick: "I think we both love football. We love the game. We’re both put in a position where we’re responsible for personnel decisions, so we both talk about that. That’s kind of where we go. Bill is a big family guy -- I know he’s got a number of kids and I’ve got a number of kids, so we talk about the kids."

5. Eagles on Asante: How's old friend Asante Samuel doing in Philly? "He’s a funny guy," said Asomugha. "I don’t know how he was when he was over there with you guys, but here he’s just been loud and the guy that’s always running around yelling something or doing something where everyone is watching him and stuff like that. It’s fun being around him. He’s a guy that likes to help out and give his experience in any situation that he’s in. I like playing with him a lot and I’ve like him since as long as I’ve known him. I met him at an All-Star game in Hawaii and we just talked there and didn’t know we would be playing a few years later. It’s good, I like the guy." Added Reid: "[Samuel] obviously likes to play the game and he’s very good at it -- all the interceptions in his career. Our team here, he brought very good energy and we enjoy having him. He loves the game."