Patriots and the 'final four'

Each week, the NFL and AFC information manager Corry Rush produces a series of notes that is distributed to the media. The notes often contain statistical nuggets that relate to that week's action.

This week it spotlights the teams with the best record in the final four games of a season since 2006.

Chargers -- 19-1

Patriots -- 18-2

Ravens -- 15-5

Colts -- 15-5

Eagles 15-5

The Patriots' two losses over this stretch came in 2006 (a 21-0 shutout at Miami) and in 2009 (a 34-27 loss at Houston in which the team approached things differently heading into the playoffs).

"There are only a few games left in the season, each one gets more important because there are fewer of them left," Patriots coach Bill Belichick says in the NFL release. "There is less margin for error across the board. It's a four-game season and it all comes down to winning."