Your call: Who plays Tebow?

One of the interesting storylines as the Patriots prepare to face the Broncos is which player will be given the role of quarterback Tim Tebow in practice. The Patriots place a high value on their scout team, regularly touting which players best prepare the team in the days leading up to a victory. As for who place the role of Tebow, here are some options:

1. Julian Edelman: Receiver/defensive back would seem like a natural choice given his background as a college quarterback who runs well.

2. Brian Hoyer: Backup quarterback usually plays the role of the opposing team’s quarterback.

3. Kevin Faulk: Veteran running back has four career pass attempts with two completions and is the consummate team player.

4. Other: The Patriots could sign a practice squad player just for the purposes of mimicking Tebow. It might help if he’s left-handed, like Tebow.

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