Steelers-49ers from Pats viewpoint

Perhaps you'll be watching ESPN's "Monday Night Football" with the Pittsburgh Steelers visiting the San Francisco 49ers?

This is a game that has a potential significant trickle-down effect on the 11-3 Patriots. The Steelers are 10-3 and attempting to keep pace in the race for the AFC's top playoff seed.

Should the Patriots and Steelers both win out, the No. 1 seed would go to the Steelers because they won the head-to-head matchup this year.

Who do you like tonight?

The comments section, as always, is open for your insight, opinion and analysis. I'll chime in from time to time while taking a break from working on a few Patriots-related things for ESPNBoston.com (e.g. defensive snap counts from Broncos game, mailbag for tomorrow).

Don't have a great feel for the 49ers, but for some reason, think they find a way to pull this one out. The home-field could be the key.