Brady: No selfish players here

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. – One week it’s Wes Welker hauling in the lion’s share of passes from him. The next week it’s Rob Gronkowski.

Another game it’s Aaron Hernandez, as it was last week in Denver when Hernandez corraled nine passes for 129 yards, including a touchdown.

And, says quarterback Tom Brady, the man who delivers the passes to his receivers, the best part of it all is that no one is complaining about who is getting the ball.

“We don’t have selfish guys,” said Brady in his brief press conference Tuesday. “They are really happy when a guy does well. No one’s happier for Aaron than Wes, Rob, myself. He had a chance to make some big plays and he made them.

“We’re all in this together. If Wes clears out an area and that helps someone get open and get the ball, he has done his job. On our plays if the first read based on the coverage is open, he gets the ball. As a group of guys, they are unselfish,” said Brady.

Brady, meanwhile, has done a good job of spreading the ball around. Welker leads the league with 104 receptions, and he is followed on the Pats’ list by Gronkowski (75), Hernandez (68) and Deion Branch (48), who was injured and missed last Sunday’s game.