Podcast: Bruschi on playoffs, Ocho, more

Each week during the season, Tedy Bruschi and Mike Reiss team up for a Patriots podcast. This week's podcast is now posted (listen here) and it's divided into three segments:

NFL/Patriots chatter

1. Playoff positioning

2. Packers undefeated season ends

3. Impact of Andre Carter loss on Patriots

4. Chad Ochocinco's contributions

5. Jerod Mayo contract extension

Patriots vs. Dolphins

1. Reggie Bush coming off a big performance

2. Dolphins' run defense looked vulnerable

Questions from Twitter followers

1. dbarkan0 -- Pats had great regular season last year too but lost in round 1. What is the biggest difference between now and then?

2. @tomwatsonpats -- As postseason draws closer, does focus and intensity increase at practice?

3. @marysmith0302 -- How much did you teach Mayo when he first came to you & how much did he already know?