Audio: Analysis of Mankins' injury

ESPNBoston.com’s Mike Reiss was a guest on ESPN Boston Radio with Adam Jones on Tuesday afternoon, and reacted to a report that Patriots offensive lineman Logan Mankins has a sprained MCL but is hopeful of returning for the playoff opener in just less than three weeks. Here’s Reiss’ take:

“Mankins is probably the toughest player on the team and I don’t believe that is overstating it,” Reiss says. “I had a line in today’s mailbag that if Logan Mankins had one arm he’d say ‘Yeah put me out there, I’ll play’. He’s that tough. …

"You look at how [an MCL injury] affects certain players: Jerod Mayo missed two games with a sprained MCL; Brandon Spikes has missed, what, the last six or seven weeks? So different players it affects in different ways [in part based on the degree of sprain].

“Mankins, to me, is the type of guy that if you really needed him this week, if this was the playoffs, I wouldn’t put it past him to be out on the field. I feel like he’s the type of guy that’s going to be there in that playoff opener. I think it’s going to be more the case of how effective he’ll be, and obviously that’s hard to tell at this point.”

Listen to Reiss' complete interview HERE.