Bruschi: Not worried about Brady

ESPN Boston Patriots analyst Tedy Bruschi was on Mike and Mike on ESPN Radio this morning and was asked about Tom Brady’s left shoulder injury, which has been a hot topic the last couple of days. Bruschi explains why he thinks it’s “not a cause for concern for New England fans.”

“Every year in Tom’s career, he starts to get banged up a little bit [late in the season],” Bruschi said. “Everyone on the team starts to get banged up. You saw the shot he took from [Elvis] Dumervil in Denver, where it decleated him. And Cameron Wake got him a time or two last week.

“So you start to break down a little bit as a quarterback, as a running back, as a linebacker, it affects your game a little bit. What Tom’s always been great at is maintenance. He always will wear the protective braces or get the extra treatment. Playoff times comes around this guy [uses] no excuses. He’s going to be ready to play for this team.”

Bruschi also talked some about the Patriots defense and how it might perform in the playoffs.