Quick hits from the locker room

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- Quick hits from the media-access period in the Patriots locker room (11:15 a.m.-12:15 p.m. ET):

1. WR/DB/returner Julian Edelman was the lone player drawing a large media crowd today. Several players were approached and declined, as they didn't want to talk about offensive coordinator Bill O'Brien agreeing to become Penn State's head coach.

2. Edelman on his football plans this weekend: "I'm definitely going to watch the games. It's always hard to say you can be a football fan, because when you're watching, you're breaking [things] down -- 'That was Cover-4' or you're watching your position group or the opposite position group. I'll be doing that, just relaxing. Probably eat some pizza or something."

3. Good line from Edelman when asked if he planned to study both sides of the ball when watching the playoffs. "All three sides," he responded.

4. Players are off the next two days. They left around noon today after going through morning meetings, and those who talked with reporters felt it was a productive week of work, with a focus on cleaning up some issues that have popped up over the course of the year. One player said the team would be back on the field next Tuesday for its first practice once learning their playoff opponent.