Kiper re-grades '11 drafts

With a full regular season to dissect, ESPN NFL draft analyst Mel Kiper re-grades the 2011 draft choices of every NFL team in a piece now posted on ESPN.com (Insider content).

Kiper had given the Patriots a C-Plus after the draft. In his re-grade, it's still a C-Plus.

In April, I gave the Patriots a C for needs and a B-minus for value because I can see value as they continued to stock picks. Nate Solder is a keeper, and Belichick's work to keep that offensive line in good shape has been outstanding, but I still wonder whether the Patriots could have done more on defense. Again, there's always future help to consider, but this is what we know now.

The C-Plus put the Patriots in the lower half of the NFL.

Only the Bears (C), Chiefs (C), Colts (C), Eagles (C), Giants (C), Vikings (C-Minus) and Jaguars (D) were graded lower by Kiper.