Mangini: Ravens match up well vs. Pats

ESPN NFL analyst Eric Mangini (former Browns and Jets coach and ex-Patriots defensive coordinator) said he though the Ravens defense matches up well against the Patriots' offense. Here are a couple of his points from the video above:

* How Ravens can cause Pats problem: "I like the matchup for Baltimore for a a lot of reasons. They can disguise. They can bring a lot of different looks. They've got good matchups in terms of personnel. They've got Ed Reed, you never know where he's going to be. And the last two times they've played (the Patriots), Tom Brady's had a 69 quarterback rating and a 49 quarterback rating. Rex (Ryan) has done some good things in New York (against the Patriots) with that same defense (as the Ravens utilize)."

* Don't forget their running game: "Baltimore is not going to be intimidated by the mystique of the New England Patriots. I think the running game that Baltimore matches up well against New England's defense and I think the shifts and motions and those things simplify the defense and create problems."