Video: Debating the Pats-Ravens spread

In the video above, the First Take crew debates whether the 7 1/2 points the Patriots are favored by over the Ravens is too low, too high or just right.

Here are their takes:

* Rob Parker: "You know this is way too high! This should be a three-point game here. I know it was two years ago, but the Ravens know they can win in New England."

(Of course, Parker found a way to bring up Spygate yet again later in the conversation).

* Jay Feely (Cardinals kicker): "I think it's too little. You have a Patriots offense that creates matchup problems across the board."

* Skip Bayless: "The spread is too low. I can easily, easily see the Patriots winning this game by 10 points and I think I am being conservative. I think the Patriots defense is right now a little underrated, while the Ravens' aging defense is a little overrated.

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