Mankins: Suggs a 'freak of an athlete'

January, 19, 2012
FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- Quick hits from Logan Mankins’ press conference this morning inside the media workroom at Gillette Stadium:

Suggs' athleticism makes him dangerous: Mankins discussed Terrell Suggs' ability to apply pressure off of stunts and twists. “Yeah, Terrell, he’s a good player. The things that make him good is he’s a freak of an athlete, and he plays hard. He can do things that other guys can’t do, and that makes him really dangerous.”

Elite mobility for Ngata: Asked about the motor of a player as massive as Haloti Ngata, Mankins let out a brief, tiny chuckle.

“Well, he’s 350 pounds, and not many guys that size can move like he can,” Mankins said. “With him, he can swim you, he can run you over, he can do many different things that a lot of guys that size can’t do. That’s what makes him so tough. Just like Terrell, they’re guys that are better athletes, and stronger and faster than a lot of guys. So, that makes them hard to block.”

On the Ravens’ physicality: “They’re very physical. They have numerous guys that weigh 350 pounds, so they got some big guys. And that all starts with Ray Lewis. He’s played physical for his entire career, and those guys feed off it, so I think he demands they play physical also. They’re a physical team offensively and defensively.”

“It’s very difficult," he added. "Look at their sack totals for the year, numerous guys across the board that can rush the passer."

Dictating tempo: Mankins was asked about the benefits for linemen of the hurry-up offense, and he noted the importance of conditioning as well as being able to think quickly. Against the Ravens’ aggressive 3-4 front, which features a lot of shifting, perhaps the strategy could be an advantage.

“I think it helps,” Mankins said. “They do a lot of different things, so if you do that, maybe you could make them do so many different things.”

Later, Mankins was asked whether such a fast tempo can perhaps neutralize an aggressive front such as Baltimore’s, limiting their use of sub packages.

““They don’t get to substitute as often,” Mankins said. “They don’t have the time to rest in the huddle, so it’s ... when you’ve got a lot of big guys out there, it’s good to do.”

Waters a quality leader: Mankins reflected on the first time he met Brian Waters at the Pro Bowl several years back, and says he has tracked Waters’ career over the years. Waters' impact in New England has been everything the Patriots had hoped, said Mankins.

“He fit in great,” Mankins said. “Brian, he knew his role coming in, and he fit in perfect. He came in, found out what his job was going to be, and did his job as best he could. You don’t have to watch after Brian. If he has a question, he’s going to ask it, because he wants to do things right, so he wants to know the answers. He’s been great. He does everything he’s asked, and he does it the right way.”



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