Video: Pregame report from Gillette

Sal Paolantonio and Ed Werder check in from Gillette Stadium with their pregame reports for the Ravens and Patriots:

* Paolantonio: "The (Ravens') charter flight from Baltimore was uncommonly quiet. This team comes in here with a lot of lingering anger and resentment at how things went down this week. They feel like they won a football game and nobody is giving them any credit. As one player told me, 'Everybody counts us out in this game and we're going to prove everybody wrong.'"

* Werder: "The Patriots believe no defense, not even that of the Ravens, is set up to eliminate their unique playmakers. Unlike most teams, whose big threats are running backs and outside receivers, the Patriots depend on a slot receiver, Wes Welker, and two tight ends, Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez. A Patriots source telling me nobody makes that a priority. But against us if you cant do it, it could be over fast."