Rex's prediction? Not so fast

On Twitter, Patriots fan @Claude_Mikhail writes, "Can someone get Rex Ryan on record to predict a Giants Super Bowl win? It would almost assure a Patriot championship."

As Claude notes, it's been a tough year for Ryan when it comes to predictions.

Ryan's Jets couldn't deliver on his Super Bowl guarantee (link here). Then last week, Ryan forecasted a Ravens victory over the Patriots in the AFC Championship (link here).

As for Ryan's prediction for Super Bowl XLVI between the Patriots and Giants?

He's going to pass for now, declining an interview request to dissect the matchup. Word is that the Jets have received numerous requests and Ryan is not planning to make himself available at this time.

This could be part of Ryan's new plan to tone down on his predictions (link here). Or maybe he just wants to avoid talking about a Super Bowl that some view as his worst nightmare -- New York's other team against the hated Patriots.

As Newark Star-Ledger columnist Steve Politi tweeted, "And so, the Second Best Team in NY faces the Coach Whose Rings Shall Not Be Kissed, in the Rex Ryan Worst-Case Scenario Bowl!"