Leftovers from send-off rally

Tom Brady prepares to board a bus headed for the airport after the Patriots' sendoff rally at Gillette. AP Photo/Stew Milne

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- Some leftover soundbites from Sunday's send-off rally at Gillette Stadium:

Defensive lineman Vince Wilfork: "It’s been a long, fun, exciting, tough year. And hopefully we can go down to Indy and have one more win in us. So we’ll hear you guys all the way down to Indy, and like [coach] Bill [Belichick] said, Go Pats."

Wide receiver Wes Welker: "I can’t thank you all enough for coming out here. You guys are the best. You guys are the reason that we’re in the spot we’re in, because we had home-field advantage coming in, and we were able to take advantage of it, and now we’re in the Super Bowl. And that’s what it’s all about. And I promise you all, all these guys, with the way we’re going to play this next Sunday, we’re going to give everything we've got next Sunday, and you’re going to be proud to support the New England Patriots. Thank you very much."

Linebacker Jerod Mayo: "I’d just like to thank everyone for coming out this year, it’s been a very special year, with Miss Myra [Kraft] and the Kraft family going through everything they’ve gone through this year. Just the support from the fans has been great. We’re going down here on a business trip, and hopefully we’ll bring back a championship. Thank you."

Running back Kevin Faulk: "This never gets old, huh? The one question I was asked during the offseason was, ‘Why are you coming back, Kevin?’ This is it right here. See you all in Indy, baby. Go Pats."

Wide receiver Deion Branch: "What’s up, baby? What’s up, New England? You know coach Belichick told us not to come out here and talk too long, but we’re going to the Super Bowl, what’s up, baby? Unreal. This is the reason why I wanted to be back here, for this one reason, right here, baby. To have the opportunity to play for a championship, play for a Super Bowl, and bring this trophy back to you all, because you deserve it. Thank you, baby."

Owner Robert Kraft: "At the beginning of the season, [team president] Jonathan [Kraft] and I met with the team and told them that they would wear an MHK patch over their hearts, and what it meant to us, and that we were dedicating this season to her, and all the volunteers in America that make this country great. And I want to thank the coaches and all these players who had an unbelievable season and put us in this position to go to Indy and do business."