Boston Radio: Reiss on Gronk, more

Patriots reporter Mike Reiss checked in from Indy earlier today to join ESPN Boston Radio with Adam Jones (listen to the interview HERE).

The meatiest topic he touched on was Rob Gronkowski's ankle injury and what a less-than-100-percent Gronk would mean on Super Sunday.

"At this point it's all speculation, but I think if this was the regular season he would not be playing, and he might not be playing for multiple weeks," Reiss said. "The fact that it's the Super Bowl the assumption is he will play. So really the question is how effective he'll be.

"Let's focus on the known entities in this situation. We know that Gronkowski plays every snap for the Patriots offense. That's how key he is. We know the Patriots have run more than 80 percent of their offensive snaps with two or more tight ends on the field. We also know there's no pure backup for Rob Gronkowski on the roster.

"So if he's limited in this game, it really changes the look of what you get from the Patriots offense. They're probably going to have to put on a third receiver over a second tight end if Gronkowski is limited. That means names like (Chad) Ochocinco, (Julian) Edelman, (Tiquan) Underwood could become bigger factors than some might anticipate with this offensive attack."

Among the other topics Reiss touched on:

* Bill Belichick set a loose tone for the team off the bat with his lighthearted comments upon arriving in Indy on Sunday night.

* The New York media's strong reaction to Tom Brady's comments doesn't sit right.

"It's borderline disingenuous to make that into a story," Reiss said. "I don't think anyone who watched that send-off rally thought that Tom Brady was guaranteeing a win and setting up a party."

* Why the Patriots arrived on Sunday night instead of Monday.

* The significance of the Super Bowl being the first indoor game the Patriots will have played all season.

* Wes Welker's contract situation.