PTI: Peter King breaks down Pats-Giants

In the video above, Sports Illustrated's Peter King spends a few good minutes talking with the PTI guys about the Patriots-Giants Super Bowl matchup.

"I keep hearing both sides say its a totally different game (than Super Bowl XLII)," King says. "I don't know how it's a totally different game when there are 23 of the same players, so many of the key guys: the two quarterbacks, the two coaches, the two left tackles, the Giants' defensive front with (Justin) Tuck and (Osi) Umenyiora. It's a lot of the same game.

"I think where it differs is the Patriots have a totally different tack. They had a vertical passing game in 2007. Now they have more of an intermediate passing game. They just gotta hope that Gronkowski is healthy enough to be Gronkowski in this game. As far as the Giants go, Eli Manning has a better receiving corps right now than he had in 2007 and he doesn't have as good a running game.

"It's a much closer matchup, even though the 2007 game ended up being 17-14."