Light talks health, Umenyiora

INDIANAPOLIS -- Patriots left tackle Matt Light drew a large media crowd during the team’s Wednesday morning media session. Two of the primary topics he discussed were his health and Giants defensive end Osi Umenyiora’s comments that Light gets under his skin.

Light missed Tuesday’s media day festivities because of an illness.

Asked about his health Wednesday morning, he said, “I’m doing well. It’s a good morning.”

Light later added that he was excited about practicing later today. “We have a good game-plan here. We are ready to go,” he said.

As for Umenyiora, the light-hearted Light relayed that he doesn’t view the matchup any differently than he would with another player.

“I mean, we play football against each other,” he said. “I’m not sure how you categorize that. I wouldn’t say it’s something more than anyone else I have ever faced.”

On Tuesday, Umenyiora was informed that Light missed media day because of illness, and joked by saying, "Matt Light, please get well soon."

When told Wednesday that Umenyiora wished him well, Light laughed.

“He said that? Wow. I’m feeling better,” he chuckled.