Former Patriot Izzo checks in

INDIANAPOLIS -- Among the links between the Giants and Patriots this week is Giants assistant special teams coach Larry Izzo, who served as Patriots special teams captain during his stay in New England (2001-2008).

Last playing with the Jets in 2009, Izzo joined the Giants this season after a neck injury ended his career.

"When I was playing I always thought that I wanted to get into coaching. Number one, there is a lot of people out there who want to be a coach in the NFL," Izzo said. "You kind of have to pay your dues. I knew I was interested in it throughout my career. I wanted to look around and see if there was anything else to my interest. I found that when I was out that year in 2010 I really missed the game and I wanted to coach."

Izzo sees similarities between his experience with the Patriots and the approach taken by the Giants.

"There is definitely similarities because it is a tough physical hard-nosed smack ya in the mouth approach to football in this organization," Izzo said. "All the little tags and posters in the Patriots facility, those were common themes that we're preaching as far as coaches and also from the head man so it is very similar. The physical style of play, that’s the way this organization has won."