Giants' Canty: 'Ready for a parade'

INDIANAPOLIS -- Instead of "All In," the New York Giants should adopt Charlie Sheen's mantra.


For the third consecutive day, a Giant expressed the team's supreme confidence that New York will win Super Bowl XLVI.

"Get ready for a great game on Super Bowl Sunday," Chris Canty said on WNBC-TV when asked to give Giants fans a message on camera. "And get ready for a parade on Tuesday."

While there haven't been any guarantees from the Giants, some of Tom Coughlin's players aren't shy about telling the world how confident they feel going into the Super Bowl.

The Giants respect the Patriots but are showing no fear. Defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul says Tom Brady is a "great quarterback" but one that is human and can be rattled.

"Anybody can be rattled," Pierre-Paul said. "Tom Brady is a great quarterback, but at the end of the day, he is just a quarterback. It is not like he is God.

"We've just got to get to him," Pierre-Paul continued. "We know what's at stake and we've got to get there fast enough. I know our secondary is going to do a great job covering wide receivers and tight ends and we've just got to get to him. It all starts up front no matter what."

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