Brady enjoying Super week

INDIANAPOLIS -- Quarterback Tom Brady said his experience at Super Bowl XLVI has been an enjoyable one to this point, which includes his daily obligations with the media.

"It’s been a very fun week. After not having been here for four years, I’m really enjoying the experience, and some of the fun aspects of the week," he said. "It’s much more tolerable when you become a veteran player. I had a great time at media day, that was fun. Sunday night was cool when we got in, I got to see Rodney [Harrison] over the stadium. I’ve spent a lot of time together with my teammates.

"Unlike the other playoff games where you’re not really sure how it’s going to go the following week, now we know how it’s going to go. We’re not going to see each other after Monday. You just enjoy the experience with those guys, and hopefully we have a lot of reasons to celebrate on Sunday night.”

As for Xs and Os football, Brady detailed some of the issues he's had in recent games against the Giants.

"I was holding the ball too long. They have some blitz schemes that are challenging to handle [and] as a quarterback, you can’t sit back there and think that you’re going to have all day to throw the ball," he said. "You have to be able to find guys quickly and get the ball to them. You have to throw the ball with accuracy. You throw a quick pass and it’s half a foot behind the receiver, it slows him up and he’s tackled for a 5-yard gain. Whereas if you throw it one foot in front of his numbers, he catches it and he gains 12. That’s how you need to play this game."

Brady also explained how he's been handling this week with tight end Rob Gronkowski out of practice.

"We’re always communicating back and forth about his routes and the schemes that we have that are a little bit different for this game." he said. "He’s a fast learner. He’s played every game, he’s practiced every single day this year [prior to his injury]. He has a pretty good understanding of what we’re doing. It’s not like he has to figure out how to play football again. Probably the break is good for him in a sense that he hasn’t been beat all week in practice. Hopefully he can go out there and play."