Follow-up note on Tweetup

INDIANAPOLIS -- Well, that was a lot of fun.

From 12-2 p.m. ET today, we hosted a Tweetup here in Indianapolis. Thanks to Hyde @ Blu for having us and the great crowd that turned out.

It was nice to meet some of the regular followers on Twitter -- such as @tstorm81 and @DeansDesk -- as well as those who regularly contribute to our chats and mailbags here on ESPNBoston.com, like "Clark12to81" and "Jim (at work)." It was also a chance to catch up with old friends in town for the game, and connect with others while sharing our passion for football.

For those who weren't here, the Tweetup opened with some casual discussion around the room. Then we all gathered around, I spoke about my background/career, and there was a Patriots Q&A that went for about an hour but seemed like 10 minutes.

Not surprisingly, the Patriots talk was at a very high level as those in attendance brought an impressive knowledge of the team.

It was neat for me to see families -- fathers and sons, husbands and wives, two sisters etc. -- sharing this overall Super Bowl experience together. I always liked that about sports.

From a work perspective, ESPNBoston.com was born in September of 2009 and one of the goals was to provide interactive and unique content, while creating a vibrant community that brings Boston sports fans together. I think we're on our way.

We'll have to schedule some more Tweetups in the future.