Following up on caption contest

On Saturday night, a caption contest for a Bill Belichick photo while playing Pebble Beach in a gray hoodie was created.

Some of our favorites ...

"How many 1st and 2nd-round picks do I have in the upcoming draft? FORE!" (from Antipholus76)

Speaking to his putter: "DO YOUR JOB!" (from baseball524)

"I defer the putt." (from basketman437)

"I better not see this on Myface or whatever it is." (from nyyh8r2421)

"I wish I was holding this when Manningham was about to catch that ball right in front of me." (from jdlboot14)

"All of my Super Bowl rings fit on this hand right here." (from graves2)

Belichick and Ricky Barnes of the PGA Tour finished third in the Pro-Am.