Video: Patriots & Mike Wallace

On ESPN's "NFL Live" show today, the free-agent status of Steelers receiver Mike Wallace was analyzed. Wallace is a restricted free agent and ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter noted that the Steelers are in a vulnerable situation with him because of salary cap concerns.

After Schefter laid out an "intriguing" scenario in which teams like the Bengals, Ravens, Patriots, Chiefs or 49ers could sign Wallace to an offer sheet, analyst Tim Hasselbeck shared thoughts on why Wallace would be a logical target for New England.

"I know they need to sign Wes Welker, but think about if Mike Wallace is in that offense, with Wes Welker. The Patriots are under the cap right now. That's exactly what New England needs," he said.

The Bengals and Patriots both have two first-round draft choices, which potentially gives them flexibility to go after a restricted free agent like Wallace.