Caserio on Welker negotiation

INDIANAPOLIS -- Patriots director of player personnel Nick Caserio met with New England reporters at the NFL combine, and he was asked if there was any progress to report on negotiations with soon-to-be-free-agent receiver Wes Welker.

"We're going through the process. We've had conversations with our free agents at different points, whether it was in the fall. We'll continue that dialogue," Caserio said. "We have until March 13 until free agency begins. So we'll do our due diligence, we'll go through the process and see where we end up."

Asked if Welker was a challenging player to negotiate a contract with because he's unique in terms of his skills and production, Caserio said, "We'll do what we normally do with every player. Wes isn't any different than any other free agent. We go through the process like we do with every other player and see where we end up."

Earlier, Caserio was asked if he can project Welker will still be able to maintain his speed and explosiveness into his 30s (he turns 31 on May 1).

"Wes has been a productive player since he's been here. His body of work speaks for itself," Caserio said. "Really, any player, it's year to year. ... I think one of the things we try to do is we always look forward, don't live in the past, and really we just see how the player performs at that particular time."