Fisher: Best to avoid Pats in U.S.

INDIANAPOLIS -- The Patriots are scheduled to face the Rams in the 2012 season, with the game played in London. Rams coach Jeff Fisher shared a humorous take on the matchup on Friday morning.

"If you're going to play the Patriots, it's best not to play them in North America," Fisher said at the NFL combine, drawing laughter from reporters.

In answering the question from Brian Lowe of Patriots.com, Fisher added that the Rams are excited, calling the game a great opportunity. He said the Rams are in the process of speaking with other clubs that played in the game in hopes of making the experience a good one for players.

The Patriots played in London in 2009, blowing out the Buccaneers.

In other news, Fisher didn't elaborate on the Rams' plans in retaining free-agent receiver Brandon Lloyd, who could be a target for the Patriots based on his background with offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels.

"We have a number of UFAs [unrestricted free agents] we're interested in keeping and he'd be one of them," Fisher said.