Gronk's appearance on ESPN Chicago

Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski was a guest on ESPN Chicago's "Waddle & Silvy Show" this week, calling in as part of a celebrity promotion in hopes of landing his friend a trip to Cancun. Gronkowski had a similar interview in Philadelphia last week.

Some soundbites:

On his recovery: "I'm feeling great. I had the surgery, and just listening to the doctors, taking it day by day, week by week, and getting healthy."

On what's tougher -- the injury/recovery or Super Bowl loss: "Getting over the loss, definitely. It's an emotional loss. Everything you do, all year long, you just keep on working as hard as you could to get to that point. When you don't come out on top with the win, it's definitely an emotional loss. It gives you motivation going into the offseason and gives you motivation going into this season coming up."

On Rodney Harrison's criticism of post-Super Bowl dancing: "I talked about it with another radio station, I called in. It was on ESPN and everything. I really have no more words about it. I already talked about it once. I don't have to explain myself any more. That's all in the past now. I'm just looking into the future, we're looking into the offseason and trying to grind and get better this year now."

On when he'll be healthy enough to practice: "The offseason doesn't start for a little bit longer [April 16]. Just taking it week by week. In my mind, I'm going to be 100 percent any time in a couple weeks. I've talked to many people that had the same surgery and everything -- and just listening to the doctor and whatever he has to say and every single week, just take it week by week, and try to get healthy."

On if he could have envisioned his success in the NFL: "No, not at all. You see opportunity for success and you definitely have to take advantage of it, with hard work, dedication and all. But the success I had this season, being with such a great team that's helped me out so much, you just don't envision that coming in. It's pretty wild, pretty surreal, and you just have to keep on working."

On his life -- on and off the field: "It's fun. It's pretty crazy. I'm kind of like a family guy, I hang out with my brothers a lot. I hang out with my friends a lot. We get wild sometimes, for sure ... living up to the maximum points we can with my brothers and I, and having a blast. That's all."

To listen to the interview, CLICK HERE.