'Inside' story on Brady's play

March, 8, 2012
The text came the other day and read: "I need you to do a story: TB numbers inside domes in his career -- reg and playoffs. Get on it!"

It's always fun when friends suggest stories; they are usually good ideas that hit at the heart of what Patriots followers might be thinking. But I wasn't sure where this one was going, so the reply was simply, "Why so fired up on Brady in dome?"

Turns out it was Peyton Manning-based.

With all eyes of the NFL universe focused on Manning yesterday, this Patriots follower had Brady on his mind. "What if Peyton played Brady's games and vice versa. I think Brady's #'s inside are amazing."

With that background as a springboard, here are the findings:

Manning outdoors
Winning percentage
-- .649 (63-34)
Key note -- According to the Elias Sports Bureau, Manning's winning percentage outdoors drops each month -- .700 in September, .680 in October, .655 in November and .565 in December/January (ESPNNewYork link).

Brady outdoors
Winning percentage
-- .780 (128-36)
Key note -- When the temperature is below 40 degrees, Brady is 38-5.

Manning indoors
Winning percentage
-- .702 (78-33)
Key note -- Manning has thrown 230 of his 399 touchdown passes indoors.

And here's a look at Brady vs. Manning indoors:

Thanks to Matt Conti of the Colts media relations department and Cecily Faenza of the Patriots media relations department for an assist on this.

Mike Reiss

ESPN New England Patriots reporter



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