Brandon Lloyd on ESPN Boston Radio

Free-agent receiver Brandon Lloyd, who has expressed interest in joining the Patriots (among other teams), was a guest on ESPN Boston Radio on Friday afternoon.

Some soundbites:

Why the Patriots interest him: "How things are run over there. From afar, you can see attention to detail, the dedication that players are putting into that program, and you see the result on Sundays. You see it a lot, you see it in the Super Bowl a lot. That formula is a very special formula and anybody who could be in serious talks of being a part of that formula should be very excited. I don't care what position you are. You'd be lying if you're not."

What he brings to an offense: "I bring a consistent pass-catcher. I think that's what every offense needs, someone who can just catch the rock and move the chains. I've done a great job at that over the last three seasons. Just making plays. You're definitely not going to get me catching the ball, stiff-arming a guy and running 80 yards for a touchdown. But you'll get a bunch of chunk plays. A 20-yard chunk here. A 25-yard chunk there. I think that's something that every offense needs."

On if the Patriots' offense is missing that outside-the-numbers right now: "I think it's evident that they are missing that. That system is a tough one to pick up. Fortunately I had a season with Josh [McDaniels] where I was not playing and all I could do was study that offense and understand it. I'm talking about the 2009 season and having Jabar Gaffney there, who is well-versed in that offense to help me along, really helped me improve as a receiver, and helped me perform well in that offense."

Describing his relationship with Josh McDaniels: "With Josh, it's like every other coach in this league; coaches have a specific idea of who the player is that fits their system. That's offensively and defensively -- you want your left tackle to be a certain height or certain weight or you're probably not going to consider him; you want your quarterback to be like this and throw like this or you probably won't consider him. I think I just fit the mold for what Josh is trying to accomplish in his offense. That's why I was so successful in Denver, and in turn, in St. Louis. Because the things he asks out of wide receivers, I can do, and I do it very well. I think that's the connection there, besides the fact I have a ton of respect for him and his family, and the way he coaches, and the way he identifies with me and players -- his age, being young, having that attitude of a player. I think he just gets a good response out of players and definitely out of me."

Does his relationship with McDaniels give the Patriots an advantage to sign him: "I think it's all fair, because that all, to me, goes into the fit. That's what I'm calling it -- that's the play-caller, the quarterback, the personnel. There is a ton of good fits out there. There is a huge void for wide receivers in this league who can just catch the ball, move the chains, get those big chunk plays that you need in this league. I think especially with Peyton Manning's situation unfolding, it's all an interesting process. Obviously there is a huge human element involved in that, with my relationships, that's only with Josh but that's with my relationships with coaches all around the league. My main goal is to get to the playoffs and performing in the playoffs, and trying to get to the Super Bowl, is No. 1 on the list. I think my relationship with Josh does give New England an advantage, but at the same time, all the factors have to weigh in."

Outside of the "fit", and winning, what's important to him: "Obviously, the personnel, the contracts, all that stuff factors in. It would be a lie to say it's only about getting to the playoffs or playing in New England, because it is about the money. This is a career. There is a standard of excellence in this league and unfortunately, finances do signify success in this league; the best players get paid a lot. That's definitely a factor in this."

On if he deserves to be lumped in with the best players at his position: "Definitely. I do need to be lumped in with the best players in my position."

To listen to the interview, CLICK HERE.

Lloyd was also a guest on "The Herd" with Colin Cowherd on Friday, with Cowherd pitching Lloyd the possibility of joining the Patriots. To listen to that interview, CLICK HERE.