Catching up with Patrick Chung

SOMERVILLE, Mass. -- Patriots safety Patrick Chung read to youngsters at Tufts University today as part of the team's "Celebrate Volunteerism" campaign.

The appearance offered a chance to catch up with Chung, who enters his fourth NFL season in 2012.

At one point, when Chung was answering questions from youngsters, he revealed that he didn't sleep for almost a full week after the Super Bowl.

Some media-based Q&A with Chung:

Why are you here?

"To make sure kids are reading, to make sure kids are educated, and to make sure they know it's very important to be educated. It will make their life a lot easier, make their parents proud, and make a better life for themselves in the future."

On the importance of community service.

"Absolutely, you have to show what you're doing for the community, show that you're a humble person, and that you're just like a regular guy."

Favorite children's book:

"I like that Corduroy book. It's a good story, and it kind of warmed my heart that he finally found a home, so it's good. Make fun of me if you want to, but it's a good book."

Have you done this before?

"I'm actually very nervous...I'm still nervous now, but I'll be alright."

In terms of offseason approach, how have things changed entering season No. 4?

"I've matured. It takes a while to mature, but you have to know that the offseason is just a way to get football off your mind, but at the same time to get football back on your mind and just refresh everything. The more years you have, the more you understand that and the more stuff you can get done in the offseason."

Anything specific to focus on this offseason?

"Everything. This game is crazy, you have to be ready for anything. Everybody's big, fast and strong so you have to be big, fast and strong, too."

The SBXLVI loss and if anything made it easier to absorb.

"Just don't watch TV and get ready for another year. ... Just gotta get back in the groove and keep working."

Chung added one other detail during his Q&A with youngsters, mentioning that he enjoyed lining up next to Devin McCourty when McCourty shifted to safety in sub packages late in the year.

McCourty's position -- cornerback or safety -- figures to be a top storyline in 2012 offseason camps and training camp.

"I like McCourty," Chung said. "He's very easy to work with and he's a very good player. That's what you need in a player."