Patriots' approach in focus

In his weekly Q&A piece on ESPN.com, analyst Russ Tucker opines on the Patriots' free-agent strategy.

Tucker shared some of his thoughts last week via Twitter and goes into more depth in this piece.

"Most teams make a run at some of the elite players available, such as Mario Williams, Peyton Manning or Vincent Jackson, or sit out the first week entirely until the prices supposedly come down and they can value shop later on in free agency.

"Not the Pats. They went after some of those so-called second-tier and second-week players right from the start, a strategy that I think is brilliant. Who says just because a player isn't a marquee name or won't command more than $10 million in guarantees that you have to wait until the second week of free agency to pursue him? Nobody.

"... The Pats went immediately to the bargain aisle while most of the other teams were fighting over the fancy new releases for the upcoming fall season. Why is it such a smart move? Because the Patriots understand the inherent insecurity of NFL players who are not among the elite."

To read Tucker's piece, CLICK HERE.