'On the Clock' with Patriots

The Patriots are in the spotlight today on ESPN's "On the Clock" series (video above).

Analyst Trent Dilfer is joined by draft guru Mel Kiper and senior football analyst Chris Mortensen, with Dilfer opening the segment by asking, "What if the Patriots were that much better on defense? How do they get that much better on defense?"

Mortensen: "One thing I'm hearing about Bill Belichick, who is obviously a future Hall of Fame coach, is that he knows he has to get Tom Brady help. Not just help on the offensive side of the ball, but help on the defensive side of the ball. It can't be a one-man team. It's too much. It's too much on one guy to have to be perfect every game. ... It's the defensive drafts that have to get them there. We'll see if Bill Belichick can pick up those game-changers. That's what they need -- game-changing guys."

Dilfer: "Brandon Lloyd might be just like picking up two defensive players. You think they play with the lead now? Wait until you see with Brandon Lloyd. I think this could go back to almost where it was at with Randy Moss. This guy has incredible downfield ball skills and the one thing that this Patriots' offense misses -- second-reaction plays. Brandon Lloyd is one of the best second-reaction receivers -- the play breaks down, Brady takes another hitch or two to his left, and he makes a play deep in the secondary and can make the contested catch. They may not need to get that much better on D because they're going to score so many more points."

Kiper: "Linebacker, secondary, even defensive end. They need help on that side of the ball. Anything offensively, to me, would be a luxury pick."