Patriots around the Web

A few Patriots-based links from around the Web and Twitter:

1. McClellin models himself after Vrabel. Boise State outside linebacker/defensive end Shea McClellin is the subject of a feature story written by Tyler Dunne of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, and McClellin talks about modeling his game after what he saw Mike Vrabel accomplish with the Patriots. "I think just the way he moved and the way he did everything was kind of old school and that's how I like to do it," he said.

2. Illinois wants to do it Patriots style. When considering how Bill Belichick's method of coaching and messaging has spread across the game, this comment from first-year Illinois defensive coordinator Tim Banks speaks volumes (via the Journal Star): "We want to take the New England Patriots’ mindset. Every year is a new year. We’re starting from scratch."

3. No deal imminent for Koppen in Tennessee. Ace beat reporter Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean tweets, "No deal is imminent with #Patriots center Dan Koppen, who visited #Titans on Wednesday. Good visit, now sides will weigh options."

4. Gronk spikes a watermelon. NFL.com blogs on tight end Rob Gronkowski's ongoing campaign to be on the "Madden '13" cover, with one of Gronkowski's latest moves to produce a video in which he spikes a watermelon.

5. Coup Boston & Belichick's home. Coup Boston, an "online-only quarterly", takes you inside Bill Belichick's South Shore home (page 37). Plenty of footballs and a few lacrosse sticks to be found.

6. McCourty to sign at Rutgers. Cornerback Devin McCourty is planning to return to Rutgers for the football program's annual spring game, and is among a bunch of alums who will be signing autographs.