Mock draft announcement

For our third-annual ESPNBoston.com mock draft, a fourth spot was opened. So a blog post was created in which those interested could put their name in the helmet for consideration.

The response was greater than I anticipated.

Here is how it unfolded: "DinoScapelli" was selected as our fourth mock drafter. Congratulations, and thanks for your regular contributions to the board.

Our mock draft will start tomorrow morning (around 9 a.m. ET) with the following order:

1. Mike Reiss

2. PatsFanTRichter

3. Mr. Scratch

4. DinoScapelli

Looking ahead, I'm not sure it will work, but I'd like to invite the remaining 29 commenters to be part of filling out the second round of the mock draft, which we could do on Wednesday. Or, perhaps next week, we could pick four new candidates and have a second version of the mock.

I'm open to the feedback for those 29 who weren't selected, and anyone I missed. The group includes:

rbs634, freeland1787, carfallon, zeke_valdes, tc91102, illvb12, razzledazzle679, gfettes, abkopans, eeruby, tpage218, 88bdh340, hamish_fraser, patsjunky55, thalan10, ace_28_24, maxofmanetheren, swantonsoup, reddman500, noahdmurray, 2012patsfan, gesualdi9, rufusfireflyjr, sean.glade, chris hayward, joethegreat0813. monk2310greg, decosted, ortizdoesitagain.