Patriots around the Web

Links around the Web and Twitter with a Patriots twist:

1. Rob Ninkovich Day in New Lenox. The Patriots linebacker returned to his roots in New Lenox, Illinois and had April 9 declared "Rob Ninkovich Day" by the New Lenox Village Board. The story is reported by Patch.com/New Lenox. "It was great growing up here. It was tough sometimes because it was just corn, but it grew and grew," said Ninkovich, who added he's looking forward to getting married June 29.

2. Hall of Fame Committee meets. Glen Farley writes in the Patriot Ledger about how the Patriots Hall of Fame Committee met on Tuesday to vote on this year's three nominees. Farley predicts a lopsided vote in favor of Troy Brown, who is in his first year of eligibility.

3. Ochocinco chats it up on Twitter. USA Today pieces together some tweets from receiver Chad Ochocinco, who is optimistic at his chances of making the roster.

4. O'Brien: 'Only one guy wears a hoodie.' Former Patriots offensive coordinator Bill O'Brien, who is settling in as Penn State head coach, is drawing positive reviews for his dealings with the media. The Centre Daily Times writes on O'Brien's "refreshing" approach, and relays his answer when asked if he will wear a hoodie: "There’s only one guy who wears a hoodie." In a different piece, from the Citizens Voice, O'Brien touched on one of the big differences since he was last in college football -- the volume of the internet when it comes to recruiting.

5. Will Saints respond like '07 Patriots? Clark Judge of CBSSports.com wonders if we might see similarities between the '07 Patriots and '12 Saints in terms of how New Orleans approaches the season.

6. Former CB Profit thrives in business. Cornerback Eugene Profit, who played for the team from 1986-89, is profiled in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette for his work as a money manager. "Profit, which is his actual family name, 47, has grown his Silver Springs, Md.-based company, Profit Investment Management LLC, into one of the nation's largest African-American owned money management firms, with nearly $2 billion in assets under management," reporter Tim Grant writes.