Polian: Pats' drafts 'best of rest'

April, 23, 2012
In a piece now posted on ESPN.com, former Indianapolis Colts president Bill Polian dissects the drafts of the last three years and puts NFL teams (minus his former club) in one of three categories:

1. The best (5)
2. The best of the rest (7)
3. The rest of the rest (19)

The Patriots land in the middle category.

"The Patriots have landed a bunch of blues (guys to build around), and I'd include LB Brandon Spikes and P Zoltan Mesko among them. (No one really pays attention to punters as blues, but Mesko is one.) Still, New England hasn't had as many draft hits as you'd think given its 33 picks since 2009," Polian writes.

In dissecting each club, Polian selects a "best value" pick and a "cornerstone" pick.

Receiver/cornerback/returner Julian Edelman, a 2009 seventh-rounder, gets the nod for best value, while 2010 second-rounder Rob Gronkowski is the cornerstone pick.

To read the piece (Insider content), CLICK HERE.

Mike Reiss

ESPN New England Patriots reporter



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