Video: Ochocinco era over?

Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless agree the Patriots adding Jabar Gaffney to an already crowed field of wide receivers is bad news for Chad Ochocinco.

"This has become laughably bad for my frenemy Chad Ochocinco," says Bayless. "He fits in nowhere."

"I just can't imagine Chad, at his advanced age, can find a spot on this team unless he agrees to play special teams. And I'm pretty sure that's the one thing Chad won't do."

Smith says the message to Ochocinco is obvious.

"He's irrelevant with the New England Patriots, and he deserves it," says Smith. "And I say that not with cruelty, but with respect.

"Here's my problem with Chad Ochocinco... He let [New England] steal his mojo. That's what happened," says Smith.