Looking closer at Gaffney deal

Looking closer at the two-year contract signed by receiver Jabar Gaffney and what it might mean for the Patriots:


Signing bonus: $250,000

Base salary: $925,000

Workout bonus: $25,000

Salary cap charge: $1.375 million


Base salary: $1 million

Workout bonus: $100,000

Salary cap charge: $1.525 million

Gaffney has the chance to earn an additional $1.05 million in the form of incentives over the two years of the deal.

ANALYSIS: The Patriots probably didn't feel comfortable going any higher than this, as it's similar to what Deion Branch received. My guess is that Gaffney potentially could have commanded more elsewhere, and that this looks like a deal where the desire to play with quarterback Tom Brady, and return to the Patriots, was on his mind. For a potential No. 3 receiver who has a built-in knowledge of the offense, and is one of the quarterback's favorite all-time receivers, this is a solid deal with limited financial risk for New England.