Hartline looking to pick Brady's brain

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- As just a 23-year-old first-year player in the NFL, Patriots quarterback Mike Hartline already has some unique football perspective.

After spending the 2011 training camp in the presence of Peyton Manning (Hartline was an undrafted free agent signed by the Colts last year), he now shares a locker room with Tom Brady.

He talked about the similarities and differences between working with the two.

“Every player’s different. Those guys are both arguably two of the best ever. So when you can get to work with them and talk to them a little bit, yeah, you try to pick their brain,” Hartline told reporters at Gillette Stadium on Saturday. “They’re leagues beyond where I’m at, so to try to dig too deep can get confusing sometimes. You try to go at your own pace and you do your own style and hopefully the things that you do show towards the coaches and you get an opportunity to stick around.”

But Brady and Manning aren’t the only two NFL players Hartline has been able to confide in, as his older brother Brian is a three-year veteran wide receiver with the Miami Dolphins.

Mike Hartline doesn’t turn to Brian for advice on how to improve as a player, but does rely on his brother for a different type of support.

“We look to each other more of moral support, I want to say. We never really try to tell each other how to play, or what to be like,” Hartline added. “Just to mentally stay positive. Sometimes things won't go your way. To have a guy like that to be a support system is really beneficial.”