McGinest, Evans chime in on Welker

A pair of former Patriots players and current NFL Network analysts, Willie McGinest and Heath Evans, opined on the Wes Welker contract situation in a recent segment on NFL Total Access.

The take home from the conversation (transcribed below), is that Welker can ensure himself of a long-term contract by remaining productive on the football field.

McGinest opened the segment with his take:

“I do not like when we base a guy’s performance and what he’s done over his age. He’s been the most productive receiver in this league for the last five years. A lot of that has to do with Brady and that system, but you’ve got to give the guy his props. 31-years old has nothing to do with it. Now, you’ve got to understand, in New England they have their windows of when they pay guys or when they use guys in certain way. With Wes, the best thing that I’m glad he did was sign his tender, so he’s got that money secured. Now, somebody’s reached out and talked to him, because we all know the Patriots don’t handle their business through the media or airing it out in public. So I think somebody is talking to him, he understands that. The best thing Wes can do is what he’s always done for the last five years: go out, be really productive, do the things you need to do, and the contract will come. If not there, somewhere else.”

Evans then chimed in, adding:

“The only opinion that matters is Tom Brady’s, and if you ask Tom Brady, he’s going to say he is worth any amount of money, and the production on the field speaks for that. But here’s the deal, you mentioned that window of when the Patriots want to pay players, they really have a player in mind and a price in mind. We both experienced that with this organization. Wes is going to perform well, this team is going to perform well. It is a good thing that he’s there.”

Finally, McGinest closed the segment by saying “the best thing you can do is go out, be productive, do the things you do, and Wes will get a contract. Like I said, if it’s not there, it’ll be somewhere.”