Ranking Welker among NFL receivers

At this time on the NFL calendar, it is commonplace to see several rankings by analysts and national reporters. The lists can serve as a way to take stock of the talent around the league, as well as the perception of who's up and who's down after another season.

Opinions will vary, and one list that caught the eye is Jeffri Chadiha's ranking of top receivers on ESPN.com. Slideshow here.

In particular, I was curious to see where he'd slot Wes Welker. The answer: Eighth.

"Welker used to be just a slot receiver who served as the ultimate insurance for Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. After four 100-reception seasons in five years, it's time to give him a little more credit," Chadiha writes.

After seeing a few of the receivers ranked ahead of Welker, the question was asked, "Did Welker get enough credit?"

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