Edelman, Brady exchange jabs about video

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- As Patriots quarterback Tom Brady's Under Armour-produced video from earlier this week continues to circulate, receiver Julian Edelman had a few things to say about Brady's acting performance when speaking to reporters following Thursday's practice.

"I thought it was great. Have you ever seen Sean Penn in Mystic River? That's kind of what (Brady) did there," Edelman said with a smile. "Maybe De Niro. A little anger. It's definitely come very far since he was on Entourage. I think it's a lot better."

Always unflappable, Brady took Edelman's critique in stride.

"Julian is always critical of everything I do," Brady said. "I appreciate it and I'm very flattered that he likes it."

In the video, Brady gets angry at a retail salesman from California who doesn't recognize Brady and instead teases him for his Boston accent.

"I was laughing the whole day and they were like, 'No, you've got to get angry.' So I said, 'Okay, let me get the angry part down.' It was fun," Brady said. "... hopefully a lot of people watch it and go out and buy Under Armour shoes."

Brady said his teammates had positive reviews for his performance, and noted that his flare of anger was true to his character.

"It was pretty much me being me. My teammates see me angry all the time," Brady said. "It's pretty easy to get riled up. You have to do something you're not used to doing ... that's the hard part. That was pretty easy for me."