Double trouble with 2 tight ends

In a recent piece posted to NFL.com, analyst Bucky Brooks breaks down the trend of two-tight end offenses, which he envisions will be a staple in the NFL in 2012.

Brooks points out that the NFL is a copycat league, and the Patriots were able to successfully integrate two tight ends into their potent offense in 2011 and establish the trend that others may soon follow.

As Brooks notes, numerous teams, including Indianapolis, Denver and Seattle, now posses multiple receiving threats at the tight end position.

He continues with a breakdown of what makes the two-tight end package a difficult one to defend, highlighting three factors:

1. “12” personnel (which refers to an offensive personnel group consisting of 1 running back and 2 tight ends) neutralizes the effectiveness of eight-man fronts against the run.

2. The difficulty in defending the pass against the formation flexibility of “12” personnel.

3. The size and athleticism of the “move” tight end (Aaron Hernandez plays this role for New England).

It’s an interesting read, full of schematic breakdowns and relevant Patriots information. To read the piece in it’s entirety, click HERE.