Kraft likes idea of NFL team in London

Patriots owner Robert Kraft is currently on a promotional tour in advance of the team's October game against the Rams in London, and he said he believes it would be good for the NFL to have a team located overseas.

"I personally think we should have a franchise in London and that is something I am going to push for," Kraft said, according to SkySports.com. "I think I said that the last time we were over here in 2009 and before this next decade is out, I hope we have a team here. I think that would be right for the NFL and this fan base has proven they deserve it."

Kraft stressed that team won't be the Patriots.

At this point, if the opportunity presented itself for the Patriots to be the visiting team on an annual trip to London, Kraft likes that idea as well.

"We lobbied hard to come back after having such a good experience in 2009. We would love to be the permanent visiting team. It was good for team bonding and everyone really enjoyed our last trip to London," he said, before noting the support the Patriots receive from their growing UK fan base.

In the piece on SkySports.com, Kraft also said, "We have a better team on paper this year than we did last season. What that means in terms of how we'll do, you just don't know because you have to factor in injuries."