Columnist: Harsh lesson for Welker

Mike Freeman, a columnist for CBSSports.com, writes a piece on Patriots receiver Wes Welker playing on the franchise tag in 2012. The headline: "Welker learns harsh lesson as Pats answer peace gesture with no contract."

Freeman opines that the Patriots should have taken care of Welker with a long-term contract.

"He rarely complained publicly about his contract status. He just produced Hall of Fame numbers. Last season he had a career-high 1,569 receiving yards. Since 2007 no receiver in football has caught more passes. There has been no slowing down and also no arrests or Gronkifications. Just Super Bowls and big numbers and a fairly classy demeanor.

"Oh, and there was something else: trust in the Patriots they would one day take care of him.

"Welker seemed so certain this would happen he gave up his only recourse, his only true power, and signed the franchise tender, saying it was the right thing to do. I called Welker a sucker for doing that and it turns out I was right because he has been royally screwed by the Patriots."

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