Video: Herm Edwards' Patriots pep talk

As he has done with other teams throughout the week, ESPN NFL analyst Herm Edwards donned Bill Belichick's hoodie (literally) to direct a pre-camp pep talk to the Patriots. Here was his message (video above) to the team Wednesday with training camp just over a week away:

"As we begin our journey this season, men, we will be favored again to win the AFC East, a division we've won eight out of the last nine years. But understand this, it's never a given. Our daily and weekly preparation has been the key to our success. It's the Patriot Way.

"Offensively, our philosophy is very simple. We're a 60-40 pass-run balance.

"Now defensively, we must improve. We've done something in the draft that's been very unique since I have been head coach here. we have drafted a boatload of defensive players. Our mindset around here is very simple: Know your role and do your job. That's how the Patriots play.

"If we do that, men, we will find ourselves in position again to make another run in the playoffs. This time, when we get to New Orleans, we've got to close the deal. We've got to win that game. Right now, we've played in six (Super Bowls) and we're .500. We're better than that."

As commenters have noted, the Patriots have actually been to seven Super Bowls and are 3-4.

Your turn: Do you think Herm's approach is how Belichick would handle his first talk with his team of training camp? What message do you think he would impart?