Lloyd links track career to catching

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- From the outset of training camp, new Patriots receiver Brandon Lloyd has shown a propensity to make difficult catches appear effortless.

Strong hands have been a hallmark of Lloyd’s during his career, and he traces the development of his unique ability to make difficult catches back to his days as a standout high jumper in high school.

“I attribute that to my high jumping when I was in high school, because it gives you a lot of visualizing and preparing to jump at high heights that you can't practice,” Lloyd said.

“I couldn't jack myself up enough in practice to clear 7 feet, but I can visualize and visualize the timing. And I was so successful at that I thought that I'd transfer that over to football,” he continued. “So when I look at the call sheet and I look at the plays, I just imagine catching any possible way. Visualize every coverage, visualize every catch -- one hand, two hand, you know, anything. When it happens, it feels like I've already been there almost.”

Lloyd appears to have already developed a strong rapport with quarterback Tom Brady, and we’ve seen him make catches down the field, in traffic, and over the middle.

Perhaps a big part of Lloyd’s ability to make tough catches is his confidence, as he told reporters on Monday morning. “I feel like every ball is catchable,” he said.