Belichick hints at preseason plan

The Patriots play their final three preseason games in a span of 10 days, which was a topic Bill Belichick was asked about during his weekly appearance on sports radio WEEI on Monday.

Monday, Aug. 20 -- vs. Eagles

Friday, Aug. 24 -- at Buccaneers

Wednesday, Aug. 29 -- at Giants

Belichick hinted at how he will approach the compressed schedule, which also includes a set of joint practices in Tampa on Wednesday, Aug. 22 and Thursday, Aug. 23.

"It’s not an ideal schedule and it’s certainly not the way you’d want to do it. But it is what it is, so we’ll just deal with it the best we can. It’s like playing double-headers, but there is nothing we can do about that," he said on the "Big Show."

"I think the big thing is to go out there and play, and give the players a chance to recover so they can go and play again, and then give them a chance to recover so they can go play again. Playing that many games, in that short a period of time, is obviously not the ideal way to do it.

"There is nothing more important than the health of our team, and you want to recognize that and do everything we can to keep as many guys practicing and healthy as we possibly can. I’d say that will probably be the No. 1 priority relative to those games, and then evaluate the guys that are playing and see how they do."