Belichick all smiles with NASA astronaut

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- Neat moment before and after Bill Belichick's news conference on Thursday.

The Patriots are hosting NASA astronaut Chris Cassidy -- who is from Maine and a big fan of the team -- at Gillette Stadium. Cassidy sat in the front row for Belichick's news conference, and when Belichick arrived he shook Cassidy's hand to welcome him.

Then, at the end of the news conference, Belichick was asked a light-hearted question: "Ever see yourself living on a space station for six months?"

Belichick paused, smiled, and said: "I don't like heights."

At which point, Belichick looked in Cassidy's direction and said, "That would be pretty interesting. Float around there."

Cassidy told Belichick he could not only float all around, but he would be able to throw a football "a really long ways" and that he wouldn't have to worry about a kickoff returner.

"You could hit a golf ball a long ways, too, right? Drive the green?" Belichick responded.

"Whatever you want," Cassidy told him.

Belichick then posed for pictures with Cassidy, spending a little extra time with before heading out to practice.